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Latest papers

Air Quality and Visitor Behavior in U.S. Protected Areas
Human Ecology 2019-01-15

Adaptation to Climate Change in an Interior Pacific Island Village: a Case Study of Nawairuku, Ra, Fiji
Human Ecology 2019-01-14

Dominique Lestel, Author and Gary Steiner, Translator: Eat this Book: a Carnivore’s Manifesto
Human Ecology 2019-01-14

Berry Plants and Berry Picking in Inuit Nunangat: Traditions in a Changing Socio-Ecological Landscape
Human Ecology 2019-01-11

Taste and Knowledge: the Social Construction of Quality in the Organic Wine Market
Human Ecology 2019-01-10

Agricultural Biodiversity Maintenance in a Coastal Socio-Ecological System: the Pearl Lagoon Basin, Nicaragua
Human Ecology 2019-01-08

Technologies of the Body in Contemporary Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon: Implications for Future Research
Human Ecology 2019-01-05

Visions from Local Populations for Livelihood-Based Solutions to Promote Forest Conservation Sustainability in the Congo Basin
Human Ecology 2018-12-17

Livelihood Dynamics Across a Variable Flooding Regime
Human Ecology 2018-12-04

Alien Bamboos in South Africa: a Socio-Historical Perspective
Human Ecology 2018-11-29

Integrating Modern Vegetation and Ethnographic Data to Understand Dietary Choices in the Past: the Case of the Southern Paiute, Utah
Human Ecology 2018-11-21

The Impacts of Climate and Social Changes on Cloudberry (Bakeapple) Picking: a Case Study from Southeastern Labrador
Human Ecology 2018-11-20

A Co-Wife for the Cow: Gender Dimensions of Land Change and Livelihood Shift among Loita Maasai of Southern Kenya
Human Ecology 2018-11-17

“Fish Rescue us from Hunger”: the Contribution of Aquatic Resources to Household Food Security on the Rufiji River Floodplain, Tanzania, East Africa
Human Ecology 2018-11-16

Characterizing Rural Household Differentiation from the Perspective of Farmland Transfer in Eastern China Using an Agent Based Model
Human Ecology 2018-11-14

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