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Australian Transnational Campaigning
Society & Animals 2019-04-17

Making Nonhuman Animals Real
Society & Animals 2019-04-17

Carefully Cripping Nonhuman Animal Ethics
Society & Animals 2019-04-17

Examining Sport Fans and the Endangered Species Who Represent Their Affiliated Team Mascots
Society & Animals 2019-03-29

Appropriate and Appropriated Sites for Elephants: A Case Study of the Making of Museum Objects
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Australian Consumers’ Knowledge and Concern for Animal Welfare in Food Production: Influences on Purchasing Intentions
Society & Animals 2019-03-27

Genetically Engineered Nonhuman Animals: A Global Overview and Research Agenda
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Vulnerable Becomings: Reimagining Human Relationships with Horses and Other Beings
Society & Animals 2019-03-13

Dog Parks As an Institutional Resource for Social Capital in the Urban Neighborhood
Society & Animals 2019-03-13

Fat Cats and Porky Pooches: “Pet Obesity,” Moral Panic, and Multi-Species Possibilities
Society & Animals 2019-03-13

The Role of Companion Animals in the Process of Emigration: A Family Perspective
Society & Animals 2019-02-28

Dog Fighting: Performing Masculinity in Rural South Punjab, Pakistan
Society & Animals 2019-02-28

Understanding Iranian Livestock Breeders’ Intentions and Behavior Regarding Nonhuman Animal Welfare
Society & Animals 2019-02-28

Companion Animals in Health-Promoting Work-Life
Society & Animals 2019-02-28

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