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Last papers from Geopolitics

Beyond Orientalism: Exploring the Distinctive Feminism of Democratic Confederalism in Rojava
Geopolitics 2018-12-11

The Intermarium as a Polish Geopolitical Concept in history and in the Present
Geopolitics 2018-12-06

The Politics of Flexibility: Exploring the Contested Statehood–EU Actorness Nexus in Georgia
Geopolitics 2018-12-05

The European Union in Northern Cyprus: Conceptualising the Avoidance of Contested States
Geopolitics 2018-12-05

Europeanization in Cypriot Borderscapes: Experiencing the Green Line in Everyday Life
Geopolitics 2018-12-04

Hungarian Border Politics as an Anti-Politics of the European Union
Geopolitics 2018-11-27

Representing Peace? The EU’s Temporal Selves and its Statebuilding
Geopolitics 2018-11-27

Pashto Border Literature as Geopolitical Knowledge
Geopolitics 2018-11-24

EU’s Cross-Border Cooperation and Conflict Transformation at Contested Borders in the European Neighbourhood: Lessons from the Turkish-Armenian Border
Geopolitics 2018-11-24

Can current political developments in Nigeria undermine its territorial integrity?
Geopolitics 2018-11-24

Introduction: The Rise of Geopolitics in the EU’s Approach in Its Eastern Neighbourhood
Geopolitics 2018-11-20

Invading the Whiteness: Science, (Sub)Terrain, and US Militarisation of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Geopolitics 2018-11-20

(Re)balancing Inequality through Citizenship, Voter Eligibility and Islandian Sovereignty in Kanaky/New Caledonia
Geopolitics 2018-11-20

Tribal Women, Property and Border: An Auto-Ethnographic Critique of the Riwaj (Tradition) on the Pakistan–Afghanistan Borderland
Geopolitics 2018-11-20

Cooperative Agendas and the Power of the Periphery: the US, Estonia, and NATO after the Ukraine Crisis
Geopolitics 2018-11-14

Insurgent Peace: Community-Led Peacebuilding of Indigenous Peoples in Sagada, Philippines
Geopolitics 2018-11-08

A Popular Geopolitics of the Refugee Crisis in Europe: The Re-actualization of Identity-driven Geopolitical Narratives in Estonia
Geopolitics 2018-11-03