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Sudanese Women’s Groups on Facebook and #Civil_Disobedience: Nairat or Thairat? (Radiant or Revolutionary?)
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

Beauty and the Bikini: Embodied Respectability in Nigerian Beauty Pageants
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

Singing Politics: Freedom Songs and Collective Protest in Post-Apartheid South Africa
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

Guest Editor’s Introduction to Bodily Practices and Aesthetic Rituals in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Africa Forum
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

Over-Making Nyanga: Mastering “Natural” Beauty and Disciplining Excessive Bodily Practices In Metropolitan Cameroon
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

The Materiality and Social Agency of the Malaḥfa (Mauritanian Veil)
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

Traveling Companions: The Burial of the Placenta in Niger
African Studies Review 2019-05-29

Colonial Intrusion and Stages of Colonialism in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
African Studies Review 2019-05-28

Lagos Art World: The Emergence of an Artistic Hub on the Global Art Periphery
African Studies Review 2019-05-27

Olabode Ibironke. Remapping African Literature (African Histories and Modernities). Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. vii + 333 pp. Letters. Index. Bibliography. $109.00. Cloth. ISBN: 978-3-31969-295-1.
African Studies Review 2019-05-27

Célestin Monga. Nihilism and Negritude: Ways of living in Africa. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2016. 226 pp. Notes. Index. $31.00. Cloth. ISBN: 978-0-674-97072-4.
African Studies Review 2019-05-27

Charles van Onselen. The Cowboy Capitalist: John Hays Hammond, The American West and the Jameson Raid in South Africa. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2018. xviii + 557 pp. Maps. Photographs. Bibliography. Index. $35.00. Paper. ISBN: 978-08
African Studies Review 2019-05-27

ILLUMINATING URBAN LIVES. Filip de Boeck and Sammy Baloji. Suturing the City. Living Together in Congo’s Urban Worlds. 2016. United Kingdom: Autograph. 330 pages. Color Photographs. Bibliography. Index. $42.70. Cloth. ISBN: 9781899282197. Sammy Baloji and
African Studies Review 2019-05-21

The Emergence and Development of Ethnic Strongholds and Frontiers of Collective Violence in Jos, Nigeria
African Studies Review 2019-05-03

From Street Corners to Social Media: The Changing Location of Youth Citizenship in Guinea
African Studies Review 2019-04-25

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