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Latest papers

Adze Ugah, director. 10 days in Suncity. 2017. 90 minutes. English. Nigeria. Corporate World Entertainment. No price reported.
African Studies Review 2019-04-22

Tunde Kelani, director. Akinwumi Isola and the Rest of Us. 2017. 18 minutes. English and Yoruba, with English Subtitles. Mainframe Film and Television Production. No Price Reported.
African Studies Review 2019-04-22

THE PROJECTION AND PERFORMANCE OF GHANAIAN NATIONHOOD. Jeffrey S. Ahlman. Living with Nkrumahism: Nation, State, and Pan-Africanism in Ghana (New African Histories). Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2017. vi + 322 pp. Illustrations. Acknowledgements.
African Studies Review 2019-04-22

Rehad Desai and Jabulani Mzozo, directors. The Giant is Falling. 2016. English and Xhosa with English subtitles. 77 minutes. South Africa. Icarus Films. $390.
African Studies Review 2019-04-17

Resources and Rape: Congo’s (toxic) Discursive Complex
African Studies Review 2019-04-15

“Nothing but Time”: Middle Figures, Student Pregnancy Policy, and the Malawian State
African Studies Review 2019-04-15

Cassandra Mark-Thiesen. Mediators, Contract Men, and Colonial Capital: Mechanized Gold Mining in the Gold Coast Colony, 1879–1909. Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2018. xii + 217 pp. Maps. Photographs. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $110. Paper. IS
African Studies Review 2019-04-12

Wendy Wilson-Fall. Memories of Madagascar and Slavery in the Black Atlantic. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2015. xx + 224 pp. Maps. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. $25.95. Paper. ISBN: 978-0-8214-2193-2.
African Studies Review 2019-04-04

Sylvestre Amoussou, director. L’Orage Africain: Un continent sous influence. 2017. 88 min. French, with English subtitles. Benin, France. Koffi Productions. Vimeo. $5.00.
African Studies Review 2019-04-04

Joanna Grabski. Art World City: The Creative Economy of Artists and Urban Life in Dakar. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017. xiii + 307 pp. 57 Color Illustrations. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $45.00. Paper. ISBN: 978-0-253-02605-7.
African Studies Review 2019-03-29

Expenditures on Malevolent Magico-Religious Powers: Empirical Evidence from Benin
African Studies Review 2019-03-28

“Negotiating the Border”: Zimbabwean Migrant Mothers and Shifting Immigration Policy and Law in South Africa
African Studies Review 2019-03-27

Axel Fleisch and Rhiannon Stephens, editors. Doing Conceptual History in Africa. New York: Berghahn, 2016. xi+243 pp. Maps. Figures. Tables. Notes. Index. $120.00. Cloth. ISBN: 9781785331633.
African Studies Review 2019-03-27

Youth Struggles: From the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter & Beyond
African Studies Review 2019-03-25

Performing Tradition while Doing Politics: A comparative study of the dozos and koglweogos self-defense movements in Burkina Faso
African Studies Review 2019-03-25

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