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Category: Political Science Sociology

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Detecting Historical Inequality Patterns: A Replication of Thomas Piketty's Wealth Concentration Estimates for the United Kingdom*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-20

The Influence of Corporate Lobbying on Federal Contracting
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-16

Tweeting Blame in a Federalist System: Attributions for Disaster Response in Social Media Following Hurricane Sandy*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-16

Expanding Social Science Through Disaster Studies
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-14

Isn't a Flood a “Rainy Day?” Does the Political Nature of Disasters Impact the Use of States’ Rainy Day Funds?*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-13

Student‐Athletes Performing Community Service: Examination of Community Service Motivation and Athletic Department Involvement *
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-13

Does Negative Group Information Moderate Ideological Identity? An Experimental Test*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-11

Public Attention to a Local Disaster Versus Competing Focusing Events: Google Trends Analysis Following the 2016 Louisiana Flood *
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-10

Long Work Hours and Job Satisfaction: Do Overworkers Get Trapped in Bad Jobs?
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-07

Why Georgia, Why? Peach State Residents’ Perceptions of Voting‐Related Improprieties and Their Impact on the 2018 Gubernatorial Election *
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-07

Do All Evangelicals Think Alike? An Examination of Religious Affiliation and the Partisan Identification of Latinxs*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-07

Congress and the Political Economy of Daylight Saving Time, 1918–1985
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-07

Political Ideology and Concerns About White‐Collar Crime: Exploring the Switch Hypothesis*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-07

When Partisan Identification and Economic Evaluations Conflict: A Closer Look at Conflicted Partisans in the United States*
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-06

One Model Does Not Fit All: Group Consciousness and the Political Participation and Attitudes of American Indians *
Social Science Quarterly 2019-05-06

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