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Latest papers

The Growth Machine Across the United States: Business Actors’ Influence on Communities’ Economic Development and Limited‐Government Austerity Policies
City & Community 2019-06-13

Glazer Was Wrong on Busing, but Americans Did Not Listen When He Changed His Mind
City & Community 2019-05-31

Beyond the Melting Pot
City & Community 2019-05-31

Talk on the Playground: The Neighborhood Context of School Choice
City & Community 2019-05-31

Nathan Glazer on Race and Ethnicity: Youthful Optimism and Mature Revisions
City & Community 2019-05-30

Urban Passages, Palimpsests, Mosaics, Partitions, and Perseverance
City & Community 2019-05-29

Beyond the Melting Pot : An Intellectual and Racial Indictment of a Classic†
City & Community 2019-05-29

Racial/Ethnic Hierarchy and Urban Labor Market Inequality: Four Poignant Historical Cases
City & Community 2019-05-28

Complaining While Black: Racial Disparities in the Adjudication of Complaints Against the Police
City & Community 2019-05-23

Japanese Gentrification from a Local Community Perspective
City & Community 2019-05-23

Going Easy and Going After: Building Inspections and the Selective Allocation of Code Violations
City & Community 2019-05-22

Making Homes Unhomely: The Politics of Displacement in a Gentrifying Neighborhood in Chicago
City & Community 2019-05-21

Why Poor Families Move (And Where They Go): Reactive Mobility and Residential Decisions
City & Community 2019-05-21

Disentangling the Effects of Race and Place in Economic Transactions: Findings from an Online Field Experiment
City & Community 2019-05-20

Uneven Neighborhood Recovery: Hurricane Damage and Neighborhood Change in the Houston–Galveston Region Since 1970
City & Community 2019-05-20

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