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Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Founded in: 1959
URL: https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/toc/ca/current
Association: Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (@WennerGrenOrg)
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Category: Anthropology

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Latest papers

Is It Good to Cooperate? Testing the Theory of Morality-as-Cooperation in 60 Societies
Current Anthropology 2019-02-08

Homes for Hunters? Exploring the Concept of Home at Hunter-Gatherer Sites in Upper Paleolithic Europe and Epipaleolithic Southwest Asia
Current Anthropology 2019-02-08

Origins of the Human Predatory Pattern: The Transition to Large-Animal Exploitation by Early Hominins
Current Anthropology 2019-02-05

Maintenance Space: The Political Authority of Garbage in Kampala, Uganda
Current Anthropology 2019-02-04

Early Andean Diaspora, Culinary Traditions, and Dietary Continuity in the Periphery
Current Anthropology 2019-02-01

Low Intensities
Current Anthropology 2019-01-25

The Paleodemographic Measure of Maternal Mortality and a Multifaceted Approach to Maternal Health
Current Anthropology 2019-01-25

Anthropology through Levinas (further Reflections): On Humanity, Being, Culture, Violation, Sociality, and Morality
Current Anthropology 2019-01-25

Unburials, Generals, and Phantom Militarism: Engaging with the Spanish Civil War Legacy
Current Anthropology 2019-01-16

Drone Warfare in Waziristan and the New Military Humanism
Current Anthropology 2019-01-16

No Bases? Assessing the Impact of Social Movements Challenging US Foreign Military Bases
Current Anthropology 2018-12-21

Economies of Conversion and Ontologies of Religious Difference: Buddhism, Christianity, and Adversarial Political Perception in Sri Lanka
Current Anthropology 2018-12-17

The Deprivation-Protest Paradox: How the Perception of Unfair Economic Inequality Leads to Civic Unrest
Current Anthropology 2018-12-13

Style, Memory, and the Production of History: Aztec Pottery and the Materialization of a Toltec Legacy
Current Anthropology 2018-12-13

Enclosing the Gold-Mining Commons of Mongolia: The Vanishing Ninja and the Development Project as Resource
Current Anthropology 2018-12-13

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