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Founded in: 1922
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Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

Starting Points: Divergent Trajectories of Labor Market Integration among U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents
Social Forces 2019-02-15

White Kids: Growing up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America
Social Forces 2019-02-07

The Corporate Restructuring Imperative: Performance, Strategy, and CEO Dismissal in the Shareholder Value Era
Social Forces 2019-02-07

Stick Together and Come Back Home: Racial Sorting and the Spillover of Carceral Identity
Social Forces 2019-02-07

Negotiating Opportunities: How the Middle Class Secures Advantages in School
Social Forces 2019-02-07

To Lend or Not to Lend to Friends and Kin: Awkwardness, Obfuscation, and Negative Reciprocity
Social Forces 2019-02-07

Where the Millennials Will Take Us: A New Generation Wrestles with the Gender Structure
Social Forces 2019-02-04

Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism
Social Forces 2019-02-04

Segregation and the Cost of Money: Race, Poverty, and the Prevalence of Alternative Financial Institutions
Social Forces 2019-02-04

A Rare Case of Gender Parity in Academia
Social Forces 2019-01-31

“Bargaining with Patriarchy” and “Bad Girl Femininity”: Relationship and Behaviors among Chicago Girl Gangs, 1959–62
Social Forces 2019-01-31

Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration, and Class in Taiwan and the US
Social Forces 2019-01-31

Political Polarization and Long-Term Change in Public Support for Environmental Spending
Social Forces 2019-01-25

Institutional Movement Logics and the Changing Shape of the US Social Movement Field, 1960–1995
Social Forces 2019-01-22

Gender Inequality in Product Markets: When and How Status Beliefs Transfer to Products
Social Forces 2019-01-22

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