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Pinterest Homemade Sunscreens: A Recipe for Sunburn
Health Communication 2019-05-21

Modeling the Pathway Linking Health Information Seeking to Psychological Well-Being on WeChat
Health Communication 2019-05-15

Communicating Handwashing to Children, as Told by Children
Health Communication 2019-05-15

Success Expectancy: A Mediator of the Effects of Source Similarity and Self-Efficacy on Health Behavior Intention
Health Communication 2019-05-15

Respected as a Client, Cared for as a Patient: Evidence of Heuristic Decision-Making from Yelp Reviews of Obstetrician-Gynecologists
Health Communication 2019-05-10

The Interplay of Message Framing and Consideration of Future Consequences on Energy Drink Consumption: Focusing on the Underlying Emotional Mechanism
Health Communication 2019-05-09

Health Communication 2019-05-07

Narrative Persuasion and Social Norms in Entertainment-Education: Results from a Radio Drama in Mozambique
Health Communication 2019-04-26

Is a Self-Monitoring App for Depression a Good Place for Additional Mental Health Information? Ecological Momentary Assessment of Mental Help Information Seeking among Smartphone Users
Health Communication 2019-04-26

Hysterics and Heresy: Using Dialogism to Explore the Problematics of Endometriosis Diagnosis
Health Communication 2019-04-26

Stares and Prayers
Health Communication 2019-04-25

Reducing Health-Related Stigma Through Narrative Messages
Health Communication 2019-04-24

Exemplification and Stigmatization of the Depressed: Depression as the Main Topic versus an Incidental Topic in National US News Coverage
Health Communication 2019-04-24

Insider/Outsiders, Reproductive (In)justice, and the U.S.-Mexico Border
Health Communication 2019-04-23

Extending Communication Campaign from Health to Peacebuilding: A Locally Driven Communication Campaign Approach as Part of A Peacebuilding Initiative in Liberia
Health Communication 2019-04-22

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