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Publisher: Duke University Press
Founded in: 1954
URL: https://read.dukeupress.edu/ethnohistory
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Latest papers

Theater of a Thousand Wonders: A History of Miraculous Images and Shrines in New Spain
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

The Woman Who Turned into a Jaguar and Other Narratives of Native Women in Archives of Colonial Mexico
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

The Bolivian Toba (Guaicuruan) Expansion in Northern Gran Chaco, 1550–1850
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Memory Lands: King Philip’s War and the Place of Violence in the Northeast
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Ned Christie: The Creation of an Outlaw and Cherokee Hero
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Ch’orti’, Lenca, and Pipil: An Onomastic Approach to Redefining the Sixteenth-Century Southeastern Maya Frontier
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Indigenous Diplomacy and Spanish Mediation in the Lower Colorado–Gila River Region, 1771–1783
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

With the Saraguros: The Blended Life in a Transnational World
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Across Archival Limits: Colonial Records, Changing Ethnonyms, and Geographies of Knowledge
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Stigma and Culture: Last-Place Anxiety in Black America
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Indigenous Prosperity and American Conquest: Indian Women of the Ohio River Valley, 1690–1792
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Mexican Manuscripts and the First Images of Africans in the Americas
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

Who Counts? The Mathematics of Death and Life after Genocide
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

In This Body: Kaqchikel Maya and the Grounding of Spirit
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

The Chicken and the Quetzal: Incommensurate Ontologies and Portable Values in Guatemala’s Cloud Forest
Ethnohistory 2019-04-01

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