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Category: Sociology

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     Median: 61

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Latest papers

Prepper-Worthy Identity Work: A Cultural Repertoire for Constructing a Secure Self in an Insecure World
Sociological Spectrum 2019-05-15

Examining the Role of Race and Gender as Moderators of the Relationship Between Depressive Symptoms and Hazardous Alcohol Consumption among DUI Offenders
Sociological Spectrum 2019-05-15

America’s “Whiz Kids”? Ambivalence and the Model Minority Stereotype
Sociological Spectrum 2019-05-13

Gender and Serious Youth Victimization: Assessing the Generality of Self-control, Differential Association, and Social Bonding Theories
Sociological Spectrum 2019-05-11

Prayer and Charitable Behavior
Sociological Spectrum 2019-03-01

Theologies of Exclusion: Christian Universities and Discrimination against Sexual Minorities
Sociological Spectrum 2019-02-20

Sport Participation, Locus of Control, and Academic Performance among Early Adolescents: Racial and Linguistic Status Differences
Sociological Spectrum 2019-02-09

Teacher Professional Learning Communities and Institutional Complexity: Negotiating Tensions between Institutional Logics
Sociological Spectrum 2019-02-06

“It’s More Appropriate for Men”: Management and Worker Perceptions of the Gendered Ideal Worker
Sociological Spectrum 2019-02-04

Understanding Gender as a Fundamental Cause of Health: Simultaneous Linear Relationships between Gender, Mental Health, and Physical Health Over Time
Sociological Spectrum 2019-01-30

School Discipline, Race, and the Discursive Construction of the “Deficient” Student
Sociological Spectrum 2019-01-21

The Gender Gap in Physical and Life Sciences: Masculinity, Femininity, Occupational Values, and Chilly Climate
Sociological Spectrum 2019-01-14

Community Perceptions of Industrial Risks Before and After a Toxic Flood: The Case of Houston and Hurricane Harvey
Sociological Spectrum 2019-01-11

How SES May Figure in Perceptions of Zika Risks and in Preventive Action
Sociological Spectrum 2018-12-04

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