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Latest papers

Anne C. Vila, Suffering Scholars: Pathologies of the Intellectual in Enlightenment France
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-23

Patricia Skinner and Emily Cock (eds), Approaching Facial Difference: Past and Present
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-21

The Wife as Family Physician: Making and Moving a Modern Health Epistemology for Women
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-21

Ofer Hadass, Medicine, Religion and Magic in Early Stuart England: Richard Napier’s Medical Practice, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018. Pp. 232. $89.95. ISBN 978 0 271 08018 5.
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-21

Sources and Resources Affidavits in Proceedings in Lunacy, 1719–1733: The Court of Chancery and the Fate of Lunatics in the Long Eighteenth Century
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-21

‘To Be Shut Up’: New Evidence for the Development of Quarantine Regulations in Early-Tudor England
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-13

Differences in Health: The Influence of Gender and Institutional Settings on Sickness Claims in Gothenburg, Sweden (1898–1950)
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-10

Barbara S. Bower and Linda Migl Keyser (eds), The Sacred and the Secular in Medieval Healing: Sites, Objects, and Texts
Social History of Medicine 2019-04-01

Virtuous and Wise: Apprehending Female Medical Practice from Hebrew Texts on Women’s Healthcare
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-28

Siam Bhayro and Catherine Rider (eds), Demons and Illness from Antiquity to the Early-Modern Period
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-28

Stacie Burke, Building Resistance: Children, Tuberculosis, and the Toronto Sanatorium
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-27

Clinical practices: Epilepsy at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic, London, from 1860 to 1870
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-20

The Blessings of Medicine? Patient Characteristics and Health Outcomes in a Ugandan Mission Hospital, 1908–1970
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-17

Where is the Hoechst Insulin?: The Role of Diabetics and Their Doctors as Consumers During the German Democratic Republic’s Autarkic Policy of ‘Making Free From Disturbance’, 1961–1966
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-07

‘These Are the Medicines That “Make” Monsters’: Thalidomide in Southern Africa, 1958–1962
Social History of Medicine 2019-03-06

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