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Voluntarism, Corporatism and Path Dependency: The Metalworkers’ Unions Amalgamated Engineering Union and IG Metall and their Place in the History of British and German Industrial Relations
German History 2019-06-15

Knowledge, Skills, Craft? The Skilled Worker in West German Industry and the Resilience of Vocational Training, 1970–2000
German History 2019-06-13

The Witch-cleric Stereotype in a Seventeenth-Century Lutheran Context*
German History 2019-06-13

Germany’s Ancient Pasts: Archaeology and Historical Interpretation since 1700
German History 2019-05-31

August Bebel: Social Democracy and the Founding of the Labour Movement
German History 2019-05-31

An den Ursprüngen populärer Serialität: Das Familienblatt ‘Die Gartenlaube’
German History 2019-05-20

Soundtracking Germany: Popular Music and National Identity
German History 2019-05-20

Alle in Bewegung: Räumliche Mobilität in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1980–2010Auto-Identitäten: Marketing, Konsum und Produktbilder des Automobils nach dem Boom
German History 2019-05-20

The Law of Blood: Thinking and Acting as a Nazi
German History 2019-05-19

To Belong in Buenos Aires: Germans, Argentines, and the Rise of a Pluralist Society
German History 2019-05-19

Menschenzucht: Frühe Ideen und Strategien, 1500–1870
German History 2019-05-19

Kindheit und Emotion: Kinder und Ihre Lebenswelten in der Europäischen Frühen Neuzeit
German History 2019-05-19

Willy Brandt and International Relations: Europe, the USA, and Latin America, 1947–1992
German History 2019-05-17

Commemorating Failure: Unsuccessful Rescue of Jews in German Film and Literature, 1945–1960*
German History 2019-04-23

The Reichsbank and German War Aims in 1918
German History 2019-04-16

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