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Founded in: 1990
URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/political-analysis
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Category: Political Science

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     Median: 20
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Latest papers

Hierarchical Item Response Models for Analyzing Public Opinion
Political Analysis 2019-02-12

Waking Up the Golden Dawn: Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Increase Support for Extreme-Right Parties?
Political Analysis 2019-01-31

What Can Instrumental Variables Tell Us About Nonresponse In Household Surveys and Political Polls?
Political Analysis 2019-01-29

Paying Attention to Inattentive Survey Respondents
Political Analysis 2019-01-16

Adventures in Replication: An Introduction to the Forum
Political Analysis 2018-12-31

Replications in Context: A Framework for Evaluating New Methods in Quantitative Political Science
Political Analysis 2018-12-31

Insufficiencies in Data Material: A Replication Analysis of Muchlinski, Siroky, He, and Kocher (2016)
Political Analysis 2018-12-31

Comparing Random Forest with Logistic Regression for Predicting Class-Imbalanced Civil War Onset Data: A Comment
Political Analysis 2018-12-31

How Cross-Validation Can Go Wrong and What to Do About It
Political Analysis 2018-12-31

Seeing the Forest through the Trees
Political Analysis 2018-12-31

How Much Should We Trust Estimates from Multiplicative Interaction Models? Simple Tools to Improve Empirical Practice
Political Analysis 2018-12-18

Not so Harmless After All: The Fixed-Effects Model
Political Analysis 2018-12-04

Inferential Approaches for Network Analysis: AMEN for Latent Factor Models
Political Analysis 2018-11-19

Measurement Uncertainty in Spatial Models: A Bayesian Dynamic Measurement Model
Political Analysis 2018-11-09

A Regression-with-Residuals Method for Estimating Controlled Direct Effects
Political Analysis 2018-11-08

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