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Category: Sociology

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Examining the Institutional Features Influencing Sexual Assault at Small Colleges and Universities
Sociological Inquiry 2019-04-15

The Impact of Student Loan Debt and Student Loan Delinquency on Total, Sex‐, and Age‐specific Suicide Rates during the Great Recession
Sociological Inquiry 2019-04-11

White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America, by Margaret A.Hagerman. 2018. New York University Press: New York, NY. 280 Pages. $30.00 cloth. ISBN: 9781479803682
Sociological Inquiry 2019-04-06

Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican American Race by Laura E.Gomez. 2018. New York University Press: New York, NY. 320pp. $26.00 paper. ISBN 9781479894284
Sociological Inquiry 2019-04-06

Economic and Social Impacts on Well‐Being: A Cross‐National Multilevel Analysis of Determinants of Access to Water and Sanitation
Sociological Inquiry 2019-04-06

“Discrimination” versus “Unfair Treatment”: Measuring Differential Treatment and its Association with Health
Sociological Inquiry 2019-03-29

Black, Blue, and Blow: The Effect of Race and Criminal History on Perceptions of Police Violence
Sociological Inquiry 2019-03-22

When the Name Matters: An Experimental Investigation of Ethnic Discrimination in the Finnish Labor Market
Sociological Inquiry 2019-03-21

Social Group Identity and Perceptions of Online Hate
Sociological Inquiry 2019-03-19

WhiteSpace, Brown Place: Racialized Experiences Accessing Public Space in an Arkansas Immigrant Community*
Sociological Inquiry 2019-03-15

Socioeconomic Resource Environments in Biological and Alternative Family Care and Children's Cognitive Performance*
Sociological Inquiry 2018-12-08

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