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Founded in: 1988
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Latest papers

Industrial associations as ideational platforms: why Japan resisted American-style shareholder capitalism
Pacific Review 2019-01-16

The rise of hybrid actors in the Asia-Pacific
Pacific Review 2019-01-11

Development of gray-zone deterrence: concept building and lessons from Japan’s experience
Pacific Review 2019-01-09

Introduction ‘hybrid warfare in Asia: its meaning and shape’
Pacific Review 2019-01-09

The use and utility of hybrid warfare on the Korean Peninsula
Pacific Review 2019-01-09

The rise and fall of Park Geun-hye: the perils of South Korea’s weak party system
Pacific Review 2019-01-09

When strategy is ‘hybrid’ and not ‘grey’: reviewing Chinese military and constabulary coercion at sea
Pacific Review 2019-01-09

Shelved sovereignty or invalid sovereignty? The South China Sea negotiations, 1992–2016
Pacific Review 2018-11-30

Identity change and societal pressures in Japan: the constraints on Abe Shinzo’s educational and constitutional reform
Pacific Review 2018-11-30

Discourses of rivalry or rivalry of discourses: discursive strategies and framing of Chinese and Japanese foreign policies in Central Asia
Pacific Review 2018-11-30

Terrorizing the CPEC: managing transnational militancy in China–Pakistan relations
Pacific Review 2018-11-14

Creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a part of China’s smart power strategy
Pacific Review 2018-11-14

The Belt & Road Initiative and China’s influence in Southeast Asia
Pacific Review 2018-11-14

Cheap talk, costly talk, crazy talk: patterns in North Korea’s English language propaganda
Pacific Review 2018-11-14

United States democracy assistance in Malaysia: the nature and impact of concurrent strategy
Pacific Review 2018-11-14

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