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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1988
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rpre20/current
• 23/91 in International Relations (Web of Science 2017)
• 6/67 in Area Studies (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science Area Studies

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     Average: 1.1
     Median: 2
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     Average: 56
     Median: 53
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Latest papers

The politics of Chinese tourism in South Korea: political economy, state-society relations, and international security
Pacific Review 2019-03-19

China’s long March at sea: explaining Beijing’s South China sea strategy, 2009–2016
Pacific Review 2019-03-19

Indonesia’s (inter)national role as a Muslim democracy model: effectiveness and conflict between the conception and prescription roles
Pacific Review 2019-03-11

Partnership against the rising dragon? Japan’s foreign policy towards India
Pacific Review 2019-03-11

The state as a patient capitalist: growth and transformation of Indonesia’s development financiers
Pacific Review 2019-03-01

Japan’s strategic contrast: continuing influence despite relative power decline in Southeast Asia
Pacific Review 2019-03-01

The more the merrier? Sino-Japanese security relations in the context of complex interstate rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region
Pacific Review 2019-02-18

Towards naval normalcy: 'open seas protection' and Sino-US maritime relations
Pacific Review 2019-02-14

How America and China see each other: charting national views and official perceptions
Pacific Review 2019-02-12

Competitive partners in development financing: China and Japan expanding overseas infrastructure investment
Pacific Review 2019-02-08

Global IR through dialogue
Pacific Review 2019-02-08

Post-Busan partnership in the Pacific? An analysis of donor–NGO relations
Pacific Review 2019-02-08

Asymmetrical rivalry between China and Japan in Africa: to what extent has Sino-Japan rivalry become a global phenomenon?
Pacific Review 2019-02-08

Industrial associations as ideational platforms: why Japan resisted American-style shareholder capitalism
Pacific Review 2019-01-16

The rise of hybrid actors in the Asia-Pacific
Pacific Review 2019-01-11

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