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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1993
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ceps20/current
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Category: Geography

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Latest papers

A meta-analysis of shrinking cities in Europe and Japan. Towards an integrative research agenda
European Planning Studies 2019-04-19

Rejoinder to Professor Ho’s team on the article entitled ‘On evolutionary economic geography: a literature review using bibliometric analysis’
European Planning Studies 2019-04-19

Measuring territorial cohesion is not a mission impossible
European Planning Studies 2019-04-19

Land use changes in urbanized areas located in the cities of the lake district – Ostróda residential areas case study
European Planning Studies 2019-04-19

Evaluating Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategies: a methodological framework applied in Portugal
European Planning Studies 2019-04-16

Urban sustainability: is densification sufficient?
European Planning Studies 2019-04-15

Determinants of land consumption in Austria and the effects of spatial planning regulations
European Planning Studies 2019-04-12

Governing urban regeneration in the UK: a case of ‘variegated neoliberalism’ in action?
European Planning Studies 2019-04-01

Beyond ‘logistics sprawl’ and ‘logistics anti-sprawl’. Case of the Katowice region, Poland
European Planning Studies 2019-04-01

Changing public accountability mechanisms in the governance of Dutch urban regeneration
European Planning Studies 2019-03-29

Households in place: socio-spatial (dis)advantage in energy-carbon restructuring
European Planning Studies 2019-03-29

Urban Regeneration in the Brazilian urban policy agenda
European Planning Studies 2019-03-28

Complex planning landscapes: regimes, actors, instruments and discourses of contractual urban development
European Planning Studies 2019-03-27

Seeing like an investor: urban development planning, financialisation, and investors’ perceptions of London as an investment space
European Planning Studies 2019-03-27

Multiple land use planning for living places and investments spaces
European Planning Studies 2019-03-27

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