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Economic Responsiveness and the Political Conditioning of the Electoral Cycle
Journal of Politics 2019-01-18

Revisiting Democratic Elitism: The Italian School of Elitism, American Political Science, and the Problem of Plutocracy
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Journal of Politics 2019-01-15

Evaluating the Conflict-Reducing Effect of UN Peacekeeping Operations
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Signaling Sophistication: How Social Expectations Can Increase Political Information Acquisition
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Resist to Commit: Concrete Campaign Statements and the Need to Clarify a Partisan Reputation
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Rawls, Piketty, and the Critique of Welfare-State Capitalism
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Language Influences Public Attitudes toward Gender Equality
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

An Ill-Fitting Coat: Reforming US Political Boundaries for a Metropolitan Age
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

International Law’s Empire
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

The Structure of Ethnic Inequality and Ethnic Voting
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Can the Government Deter Discrimination? Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in New York City
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Party Leader or Party Reputation Concerns? How Vertical Partisan Alignment Reins in Subnational Fiscal Profligacy
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

The Muted Consequences of Correct Information about Immigration
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

Restrained Change: Party Systems in Times of Economic Crisis
Journal of Politics 2019-01-04

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