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Latest papers

Communication as a moral vocation: Safe space and freedom of speech
Sociological Review 2019-06-11

Pathways to the power elite: The organizational landscape of elite careers
Sociological Review 2019-05-29

Listening to community: The aural dimensions of neighbouring
Sociological Review 2019-05-29

Populism, inequality and representation: Negotiating ‘the 99%’ with Occupy London
Sociological Review 2019-05-23

Beyond drink, drainage and divorce? What the Sociological Society did for British sociology
Sociological Review 2019-04-29

Attempting to transgress neoliberal value: Constructing a micro-foundation of social values of working-class youth in vocational schools in China
Sociological Review 2019-04-16

British Black Power: The anti-imperialism of political blackness and the problem of nativist socialism
Sociological Review 2019-04-16

The Anthropocene event in social theory: On ways of problematizing nonhuman materiality differently
Sociological Review 2019-04-12

(Un)making ‘extreme’ and ‘ordinary’ whiteness: Activists’ narratives on antiracist mobilisation in Finland
Sociological Review 2019-04-05

Policing the beats: The criminalisation of UK drill and grime music by the London Metropolitan Police
Sociological Review 2019-04-05

Counteracting shame, recognizing desire: Managing the emotional reverberations of criminalizing HIV nondisclosure in Canada
Sociological Review 2019-04-03

Dying to live: Youth violence and the munpain
Sociological Review 2019-04-03

My unexpectedly militant bots: A case for Programming-as-Social-Science
Sociological Review 2019-03-28

Hitting the ‘glass wall’: Investigating everyday ageism in the advertising industry
Sociological Review 2019-03-08

Borrowed identities: Class(ification), inequality and the role of credit-debt in class making and struggle
Sociological Review 2019-02-25

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