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Latest papers

Hitting the ‘glass wall’: Investigating everyday ageism in the advertising industry
Sociological Review 2019-03-08

Borrowed identities: Class(ification), inequality and the role of credit-debt in class making and struggle
Sociological Review 2019-02-25

‘Post-race’ racisms in the narratives of ‘Brexit’ voters
Sociological Review 2019-02-21

Everyday practices of memory: Authenticity, value and the gift
Sociological Review 2019-02-15

Norbert Elias’s extended theory of community: From established/outsider relations to the gendered we–I balance
Sociological Review 2019-02-07

On white-collar boxing and social class
Sociological Review 2019-02-07

Aesthetic labour, class and taste: Mobility aspirations of middle-class women working in luxury-retail
Sociological Review 2019-02-01

After the cultural turn: For a textural sociology
Sociological Review 2019-01-28

Class and the post-Fordist work ethic: Subjects of passion and subjects of achievement in the work society
Sociological Review 2019-01-28

‘Prophets in the pay of state’: The institutionalization of the middle-class habitus in schooling between 1880 and 2010
Sociological Review 2019-01-28

Habitus and reflexivity in tandem? Insights from postcolonial Sri Lanka
Sociological Review 2019-01-24

Emotion management and solidarity in the workplace: A call for a new research agenda
Sociological Review 2019-01-22

The politics and practices of intersectional prefiguration in social movements: The case of Sisters Uncut
Sociological Review 2019-01-22

Art as a pathway to impact: Understanding the affective experience of public engagement with film
Sociological Review 2019-01-17

Bedouins of Silicon Valley: A neo-Khaldunian approach to sociology of technology
Sociological Review 2019-01-17

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