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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1949
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Association: American Association of Geographers (@theAAG)
• 51/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Geography

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     Median: 5
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     Average: 50
     Median: 48

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Latest papers

Spatial Correlation between Traffic and Air Pollution in Beijing
Professional Geographer 2019-06-10

Spatial and Sectoral Patterns of Firm Entry in China
Professional Geographer 2019-06-06

Trade Fair Educational Programs and Access to Knowledge: Evidence from the Solar PV Sector
Professional Geographer 2019-06-06

Interactive Visualization Software to Improve Relief Interpretation Skills: Spatial Data Infrastructure Geoportal versus Augmented Reality
Professional Geographer 2019-06-06

Making the Case for Critical Q Methodology
Professional Geographer 2019-06-05

“When I Take Off My EPA Hat”: Using Intersectional Theories to Examine Environmental Justice Governance
Professional Geographer 2019-06-04

A Spatial View of How United States Cesarean Section Rates Changed from 1990 to 2014
Professional Geographer 2019-05-06

Modeling River Connectivity Using the Barrier Assessment Tool and Available Data on Registered Dams in the Guadalupe–San Antonio River System, Texas
Professional Geographer 2019-05-06

Brazil’s Financial Centers in the Twenty-first Century: Hierarchy, Specialization, and Concentration
Professional Geographer 2019-05-06

Enhancing the Two-Step Floating Catchment Area Model for Community Food Access Mapping: Case of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Professional Geographer 2019-04-30

Antiscience and Vulnerability to False News in the United States: A Basis in the History of Geologic Theories
Professional Geographer 2019-04-29

Multiscale Segregation: Multilevel Modeling of Dissimilarity—Challenging the Stylized Fact That Segregation Is Greater the Finer the Spatial Scale
Professional Geographer 2019-04-29

Qualitative GIS to Relate Perceptions with Behaviors among Fishers on Risky, Rocky Coasts
Professional Geographer 2019-04-23

Export Expansion and Regional Diversification: Learning from the Changing Geography of China’s Exports
Professional Geographer 2019-04-23

Mortgage Foreclosures, Race, and Postrecession Lending
Professional Geographer 2019-04-23

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