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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1928
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Twitter: @austgeog
Association: Geographical Society of New South Wales (@GeogSocNSW)
• 50/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Geography

Authors per paper:
     Average: 3
     Median: 4
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     Average: 37
     Median: 36

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Latest papers

Stewart Williams—1964–2019
Australian Geographer 2019-06-14

I cannot afford to live alone in this city and I enjoy the company of others: why people are share housing in Sydney
Australian Geographer 2019-06-12

Creating a thinking space for the rising stars of Australian urban geography
Australian Geographer 2019-04-30

Yanama budyari gumada: reframing the urban to care as Darug Country in western Sydney
Australian Geographer 2019-04-24

The geography of same-sex couples and families in Australia: an empirical review
Australian Geographer 2019-04-17

Biocultural nationalism? Bananas and biosecurity in Northern Queensland
Australian Geographer 2019-04-04

Rocky outcrops in Australia: ecology, conservation and management
Australian Geographer 2019-02-06

Consequences of changed water management for Aboriginal Australians in the Murrumbidgee catchment, NSW
Australian Geographer 2019-02-05

The differential geography of housing affordability in Sydney: a disaggregated approach
Australian Geographer 2019-01-30

Geographies of energy transition: the case of high-performing commercial office space in the central business districts of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
Australian Geographer 2019-01-24

Lateral stability of central Australian longitudinal dunes
Australian Geographer 2019-01-16

‘Let this forest for ever rest’: tracking protest and identity in Australia’s forests
Australian Geographer 2019-01-15

Large-scale mines and local-level politics: between New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea
Australian Geographer 2019-01-07

For still possible cities: a politics of failure for the politically depressed
Australian Geographer 2018-11-26

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