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Latest papers

Autonomous automobilities: The social impacts of driverless vehicles
Current Sociology 2018-12-17

Disease on trial: Medical risk and molecular responsibility in HIV exposure and disclosure jury trials (1994–2015)
Current Sociology 2018-12-17

Controlling intimacy: Sexual scripts among men and women in prostitution
Current Sociology 2018-12-17

Recovering the local: From glocalization to localization
Current Sociology 2018-11-30

The sources of academic localism and globalism in Russian sociology: The choice of professional ideologies and occupational niches among social scientists
Current Sociology 2018-11-26

Why do academics oppose the market? A test of Nozick’s hypothesis
Current Sociology 2018-11-26

Interpreting mobilization dynamics through art: A look at the DREAMers Movement
Current Sociology 2018-11-26

Maintaining transnational ties and the convertibility of working holiday makers’ experiences in Australia
Current Sociology 2018-11-12

Transnational moral economies: The value of monetary and social remittances in transnational families
Current Sociology 2018-11-09

Datafied childhoods: Contextualising datafication in everyday life
Current Sociology 2018-11-08

Social roles and alienation: Breastfeeding promotion and early motherhood
Current Sociology 2018-11-07

Interchangeable parents? The roles and identities of primary and equal carer fathers of young children
Current Sociology 2018-11-07

‘The more South you go, the more frankly you can speak’: Metronormativity, critical regionality and the LGBT movement in Salento, South-Eastern Italy
Current Sociology 2018-11-07

Internationalizing a national scientific community? Changes in publication and citation practices in Chile, 1976–2015
Current Sociology 2018-11-07

Deservingness and political preference in opinions on distant suffering
Current Sociology 2018-11-07

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