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Latest papers

Managing epistemic imbalances in peer interaction during mathematics lessons
Discourse Studies 2019-03-11

Working out availability, unavailability and awayness in social face-to-face encounters: The case of dementia
Discourse Studies 2019-03-07

Negotiating meanings online: Disagreements about word meaning in discussion forum communication
Discourse Studies 2019-03-06

Discourse analysis as a tool for uncovering strengths in communicative practices of autistic individuals
Discourse Studies 2019-03-06

Talking a team into being in online workplace collaborations: The discourse of virtual work
Discourse Studies 2019-03-02

Book review: Villy Tsakona and Jan Chovanec (eds), The Dynamics of Interactional Humor: Creating and Negotiating Humor in Everyday Encounters
Discourse Studies 2019-02-13

Bood review: Jianxin Ding, Linguistic Prefabrication: A Discourse Analysis Approach
Discourse Studies 2019-02-13

Book review: Miriam A Locher, Reflective Writing in Medical Practice: A Linguistic Perspective
Discourse Studies 2019-02-13

Book review: Michele Zappavigna and JR Martin, Discourse and Diversionary Justice: An Analysis of Youth Justice Conferencing
Discourse Studies 2019-02-13

Book review: Elena Mihas, Conversational Structures of Alto Perené (Arawak) of Peru
Discourse Studies 2019-02-13

Book review: John Flowerdew and John E Richardson (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Critical Discourse Studies
Discourse Studies 2019-02-13

Book review: Eric Friginal, Joseph J Lee, Brittany Polat and Audrey Roberson, Exploring Spoken English Learner Language Using Corpora: Learner Talk
Discourse Studies 2019-01-30

Book review: Simona Pekarek Doehler, Johannes Wagner and Esther González-Martínez (eds), Longitudinal Studies on the Organization of Social Interaction
Discourse Studies 2019-01-30

Book review: Amanda Bateman and Amelia Church (eds), Children’s Knowledge-in-Interaction: Studies in Conversation Analysis
Discourse Studies 2019-01-30

Book review: Azad Mammadov, Studies in Text and Discourse
Discourse Studies 2019-01-30

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