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Latest papers

Pain and the collision of expertise in primary care physical exams
Discourse Studies 2019-05-20

Deontic authority in intervention discourse: Insights from bystander intervention
Discourse Studies 2019-05-16

Are you trying to be funny? Communicating humour in deafblind conversations
Discourse Studies 2019-05-15

Multimodal enactment of characters in conference presentations
Discourse Studies 2019-05-13

Couples bickering: Disaffiliation and discord in Chinese conversation
Discourse Studies 2019-05-13

Book review: Wei Li, Pragmatic Transfer and Development: Evidence from EFL Learners in China
Discourse Studies 2019-05-07

Book review: Ruth Page, Narratives Online: Shared Stories in Social Media
Discourse Studies 2019-05-07

Book review: Peter Siemund, Speech Acts and Clause Types: English in a Cross-Linguistic Context
Discourse Studies 2019-05-07

Book review: Jessica N Lester and Michelle O’Reilly, Applied Conversation Analysis: Social Interaction in Institutional Settings
Discourse Studies 2019-05-07

Book review: Larssyn Staley, Socioeconomic Pragmatic Variation: Speech Acts and Address Forms in Context
Discourse Studies 2019-05-07

Book review: Anne Barron, Yueguo Gu and Gerard Steen (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Pragmatics
Discourse Studies 2019-05-07

‘OK, well, first of all, let me say …’: Discursive uses of response initiators in US presidential primary debates
Discourse Studies 2019-05-03

Building a case for accessing service provision in child and adolescent mental health assessments
Discourse Studies 2019-04-30

Repair receipts: On their motivation and interactional import
Discourse Studies 2019-04-29

A caring interview: Polar questions, epistemic stance and care in examinations of eligibility for social benefits
Discourse Studies 2019-04-26

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