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Latest papers

In memoriam Stephen Nugent, 1950–2018
Critique of Anthropology 2019-02-08

Exhuming the ancestors: A reassessment of Fabian’s critique of allochronism
Critique of Anthropology 2019-01-12

“You cannot contradict the engineer”: Disencounters of modern technology, climate change, and power in the Peruvian Andes
Critique of Anthropology 2019-01-08

Persistence and changes in state dependence in a Mapuche indigenous territory, Chile
Critique of Anthropology 2019-01-08

The revolution will not be paid: The politics of small town entrepreneurial economic development
Critique of Anthropology 2019-01-08

Conservationland: Toward the anthropology of professionals in global nature conservation
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-28

Sarah Bronwen Horton, They leave their kidneys in the fields: Illness, injury, and illegality among U.S. farmworkers
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-21

‘Not Twenty Feet Away’: The Caribbean – and Race – in Sidney W Mintz’s Puerto Rican Fieldwork
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

‘Haciendas and Plantations’: History and limitations of a 60-year-old taxonomy
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

‘A Conference That Didn’t’: African Diaspora Studies and an episode in anthropology’s identity politics of representation
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

Sidney W Mintz: Charting an anthropology of the Caribbean
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

Fruits of colonialism: The production of mangoes as commodities in northern Haiti
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

Money’s micro and macro qualities: Slaves, colonies, regions, and markets in the historical Caribbean – and beyond
Critique of Anthropology 2018-12-05

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