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Enacting intersectional multilayered citizenship: Kurdish women’s politics
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-14

Gendered mobilities and immobilities: Women’s and men’s capacities for agricultural innovation in Kenya and Nigeria
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-14

Flourishing in fragile academic work spaces and learning environments: feminist geographies of care and mentoring
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-12

Practicing feminist geography in Taiwan
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-08

Displacement, memory and home(less) identities: Turkish Cypriot women’s narratives
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-08

From feminist critique to gender mainstreaming — and back? The case of German urban planning
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-06

Feminism and intersectionality in Swedish Geography
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-05

Everyday mixed status: spillover effects of state power in Mainland China-Hong Kong cross-border families
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-06-05

‘I think they're treating me like a kid’: intellectual disability, masculinity and place in Toronto, Canada
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-31

A cautionary tale: Trauma, ethics and mentorship in research in the USA
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-31

‘But this is not geography…! of ontological circumcisions and writing feminist geographies from India
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-31

Claiming status and contesting sexual violence and harassment among community health activists in Delhi
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-31

Interpreting family struggles in West Africa across Majority-Minority world boundaries: tensions and possibilities
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-30

Gender and geography in Italy
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-30

Gender and feminist studies in Albania – a brief state of the art
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-05-30

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