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Book review: Why Parties Matter: Political Competition and Democracy in the American South
Party Politics 2019-06-13

Book review: Movement Parties Against Austerity
Party Politics 2019-06-13

Book review: A Conservative Revolution? Electoral Change in Twenty-First-Century Ireland
Party Politics 2019-06-13

Book review: The Blueprint: Conservative Parties and Their Impact on Canadian Politics
Party Politics 2019-06-13

Candidate nomination rules and party leader strategies
Party Politics 2019-06-12

From party to leader mobilization? The personalization of voter turnout
Party Politics 2019-06-12

Appeasement and rewards: Explaining patterns of party responsiveness towards activist preferences
Party Politics 2019-06-06

Investiture rules and formation of minority governments in European parliamentary democracies
Party Politics 2019-06-04

Mobilizing and chasing: The voter targeting of negative campaigning – Lessons from the Swiss case
Party Politics 2019-05-28

Explaining legislative party switching in advanced and new democracies
Party Politics 2019-05-27

Immigration and right-wing populism: An origin story
Party Politics 2019-05-17

Do populists support populism? An examination through an online survey following the 2017 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election
Party Politics 2019-05-10

Book review: Party Brands in Crisis. Partisanship, Brand Dilution and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin America
Party Politics 2019-04-30

Book review: Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement. Organisation, Communication and Ideology
Party Politics 2019-04-30

What do voters do when they prefer a leader from another party?
Party Politics 2019-04-29

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