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Book review: Big Tent Politics: The Liberal Party’s Long Mastery of Canada’s Public Life
Party Politics 2019-04-11

Becoming part of the gang? Established and nonestablished populist parties and the role of external efficacy
Party Politics 2019-04-11

Book review: Muslim Democratic Parties in the Middle East: Economy and Politics of Islamist Moderation
Party Politics 2019-04-09

Book review: Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion
Party Politics 2019-04-09

Book review: Voting in Old and New Democracies
Party Politics 2019-04-08

Book review: First to the Party: The Group Origins of Political Transformation
Party Politics 2019-04-02

The integrity of the 2016 US Presidential Election: Exploring the possible impact of ideology on experts’ judgments
Party Politics 2019-03-29

Issue ownership and the priorities of party elites in the United States, 2004–2016
Party Politics 2019-03-29

Party crashers: Interest groups as a latent threat to party networks in congressional primaries
Party Politics 2019-03-19

Achieving party unity in the Netherlands: Representatives’ sequential decision-making mechanisms at three levels of Dutch government
Party Politics 2019-03-18

The party (un)faithful: Explaining party members’ defecting voting behaviour in different contexts (Belgium and Britain)
Party Politics 2019-03-13

Changing patterns of party unity in the Knesset: The consequences of the Israeli anti-defection law
Party Politics 2019-03-13

Intra-party conflict at grassroots: Party-councillor ideological congruence in Croatia
Party Politics 2019-03-13

Judicial decision-making within political parties: A political approach
Party Politics 2019-03-13

Book review
Party Politics 2019-03-12

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