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Publisher: Institute of Social Sciences lvo Pilar
Founded in: 1996
Homepage: https://hrcak.srce.hr/drustven...
Twitter: @di_jgsi
• 140/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology

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Anxiety among Students: The Role of Perfectionism, Intolerance of Uncertainty, Rumination and Mindfulness
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Željko Ivanković: Besplatno
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Lost in the Process: How Stakeholders View the Quality of Public Universities in Croatia?
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Stjepan Matković i Božidar Petrač (Ur.): Ante Starčević
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Relationships Between Acoustic Characteristics of Female Voice and Self-Reported Personality Traits
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Konferencija: Cognitive Science
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Contribution of Individual and Environmental Variables in Explaining Adolescents' Externalising Behaviours
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Association of Poor Self-Perceived Health with Demographic, Socioeconomic and Lifestyle Factors in the Croatian Adult Population
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

A Comparison of Peer Influence and Peer Selection Effects in the Context of Female Adolescents' Sexual Debut
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Does Religious Freedom Warrant Protection as a Fundamental Human Right?
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

Labour Force Exploitation and Unequal Labour Exchange as the Root Cause of the Eurozone's Inequality
Društvena istraživanja 2019-06-11

The Effectiveness of a School-Based Health Education Intervention in Changing Screen-Based and Physical Activities in Young Adolescents
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Job Characteristics and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Multisource Study on the Role of Work Engagement
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Personal Resources and Work Engagement: A Two-Wave Study on the Role of Job Resources Crafting among Nurses
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Johnatan Haskel i Stian Westlake: Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of Intangible Economy
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

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