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Publisher: Institute of Social Sciences lvo Pilar
Founded in: 1996
URL: https://hrcak.srce.hr/drustvena-istrazivanja
Twitter: @di_jgsi
• 140/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology

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The Relationship between Informal Knowledge Sharing Network and Individual Learning in Organizations: Does the Structuring of Activities Matter?
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Designing Work for Mental Health: The Moderating Role of Job Resources
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Flexible Work Arrangements and Organizational Performance – The Difference between Employee and Employer-Driven Practices
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Residents' Attitudes toward Tourism Development: A Case Study of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Siniša Opić, Branko Bognar i Snežana Ratković (Ur.): Novi pristupi metodologiji istraživanja odgoja (New Approaches to Research Methodology in Education)
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Quality of Working Life among 50+ Employees across the EU: A Double Jeopardy for Croatian Older Workers
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Johnatan Haskel i Stian Westlake: Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of Intangible Economy
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Personal Resources and Work Engagement: A Two-Wave Study on the Role of Job Resources Crafting among Nurses
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

Job Characteristics and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Multisource Study on the Role of Work Engagement
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

The Effectiveness of a School-Based Health Education Intervention in Changing Screen-Based and Physical Activities in Young Adolescents
Društvena istraživanja 2019-02-24

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