Space and Culture

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Latest papers

Doing Dis/ordered Mappings: Shapes of Inclusive Spaces in Museums
Space and Culture 2019-06-06

A Suburban Dreamscape Outshining Urbanism: The Case of Housing Advertisements
Space and Culture 2019-05-22

Overlapping Nostalgias: Negotiating Space and Labor in the (Post)Communist City of Bucharest
Space and Culture 2019-05-06

We Live Here: Media Architecture as Critical Spatial Practice
Space and Culture 2019-04-25

“The Whole Country Below Them”: Gazing Imperially on Narnia From Above
Space and Culture 2019-04-25

“Placing” Space: Exploring the Sociospatial Impacts of Cosmopolitan Place-Marketing Approaches on British Migrants in Spain
Space and Culture 2019-04-24

The Haptic Space of Disaster
Space and Culture 2019-04-09

Socio-Spatial Politics of Otherness: The Desire to Construct a Counterhegemony
Space and Culture 2019-03-15

Intimacy and Hedonism: The Aesthetics of the Terrazza in Italian Cinema
Space and Culture 2019-02-25

Spatial Culture in Contemporary China: The Nanjing Workshop
Space and Culture 2019-02-23

Deconstructive Hermeneutics of Nature and Culture: Thinking After Derrida
Space and Culture 2019-02-18

Preface: The Everyday Politics of Public Space
Space and Culture 2019-02-16

Vernacular Participatory Designs: The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Housing Scene in South Korea
Space and Culture 2019-02-13

Everyday Place Making Through Social Capital Among Street Vendors at Manek Chowk, Gujarat, India
Space and Culture 2019-02-13

An Ethnographic and Archaeological Approach to Ritual Practices of Resistance
Space and Culture 2019-02-04

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