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Latest papers

Understanding Communication Effectiveness, Communication Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, and Self-Care Management Among Patients With Chronic Disease
Science Communication 2019-03-15

Counteracting Climate Science Politicization With Effective Frames and Imagery
Science Communication 2019-03-06

New, Not Different: Data-Driven Perspectives on Science Festival Audiences
Science Communication 2019-02-22

Online Representations of “Genome Editing” Uncover Opportunities for Encouraging Engagement: A Semantic Network Analysis
Science Communication 2019-01-29

Mediatization of a Research Group: The Estonian Student Satellite ESTCube-1
Science Communication 2019-01-17

The Effects of the “War on Science” Frame on Scientists’ Credibility
Science Communication 2019-01-10

Exploring the “Evil Twin of Global Warming”: Public Understanding of Ocean Acidification in the United States
Science Communication 2018-12-26

Are American’s Attitudes Toward GM Science Really Negative? An Academic Examination of Attitudes and Willingness to Expose Attitudes
Science Communication 2018-12-26

The Diffusion of Innovations in Agricultural Circles: An Explorative Study on Alternative Antimicrobial Agents
Science Communication 2018-12-22

Technology Name and Celebrity Endorsement Effects of Autonomous Vehicle Promotional Messages: Mechanisms and Moderators
Science Communication 2018-12-21

Science Communication Is Culture: Foregrounding Ritual in the Public Communication of Science
Science Communication 2018-12-04

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