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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Founded in: 1993
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Association: Academia Europaea (@acad_euro)
• 48/72 in Area Studies (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Area Studies

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Latest papers

Big Data and Changing Concepts of the Human
European Review 2019-06-21

Not by Data Alone: The Promises and Pitfalls of Data Analysis in Understanding Consciousness
European Review 2019-06-21

Debt-oriented Capital Structure and Economic Growth: Panel Evidence for OECD Countries
European Review 2019-06-19

The AKP Government from its Formation to the Popular Uprising in June 2013 (Part I)
European Review 2019-06-19

From Unconscious Inference to the Beholder’s Share: Predictive Perception and Human Experience
European Review 2019-06-14

How can a ‘Responsible’ European Union Contribute to the Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect?
European Review 2019-06-06

Did Capital Market Development and Financial Depth Contribute to Growth? Evidence from European Financial Integration
European Review 2019-06-04

Piero’s Madonna del Parto: Facts and Conjectures
European Review 2019-05-30

Opening European Research to the World: Evidence from International Cooperation
European Review 2019-05-28

Assessing the Rules of Appointing Arbitrators under the EU’s Investment Court System
European Review 2019-03-22

Why the Days Seem Shorter as We Get Older
European Review 2019-03-18

How could Expert Involvement Compensate for an Incomplete Capability of Legitimization through Democratic Representation? Debating the Grounds for Political Legitimacy in the EU
European Review 2019-03-15

Determinants of the Current Account Balances among Central and Eastern European Countries in the European Union
European Review 2019-02-14

International Mobility, Joint Working and European Research
European Review 2019-01-18

Moral and Legal Dilemmas of the New Polish Security Policy
European Review 2019-01-09

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