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Latest papers

Deadly force: Contract, killing, sacrifice
Security Dialogue 2019-05-14

Theorizing the advent of weaponized drones as techniques of domestic paramilitary policing
Security Dialogue 2019-05-14

Security in the balance: How Britain tried to keep its Iraq War secrets
Security Dialogue 2019-05-10

Instruments of securitization and resisting subjects: For-profit professionals in the finance–security nexus
Security Dialogue 2019-04-15

The plural of soldier is not troops: The politics of groups in legitimating militaristic violence
Security Dialogue 2019-04-15

War craft: The embodied politics of making war
Security Dialogue 2019-04-09

Securitizing the Muslim Brotherhood: State violence and authoritarianism in Egypt after the Arab Spring
Security Dialogue 2019-04-08

Refugees as/at risk: The gendered and racialized underpinnings of securitization in British media narratives
Security Dialogue 2019-03-28

The victory image: Imaging Israeli warfighting from Lebanon to Gaza
Security Dialogue 2019-03-28

Emergent emergency response: Speed, event suppression and the chronopolitics of resilience
Security Dialogue 2019-03-05

Dangerous feelings: Checkpoints and the perception of hostile intent
Security Dialogue 2019-02-21

Assembling European health security: Epidemic intelligence and the hunt for cross-border health threats
Security Dialogue 2019-02-15

Thinking security through the event: Materiality, politics and publicity in the Litvinenko affair
Security Dialogue 2019-02-09

Doing and mediating critique: An invitation to practice companionship
Security Dialogue 2019-02-04

‘Situational awareness’: Rethinking security in times of urban terrorism
Security Dialogue 2019-01-31

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