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Latest papers

A governing framework for international ocean acidification policy
Marine Policy 2019-02-14

'A sea of troubles' (2): Brexit and the UK seafood supply chain
Marine Policy 2019-02-13

Challenges in assessments of Japanese eel stock
Marine Policy 2019-02-13

Extracting fishery economic performance information from quota trading data
Marine Policy 2019-02-10

Implications of regional economic conditions on the distribution of technical efficiency: Examples from coastal trawl vessels in Vietnam
Marine Policy 2019-02-10

Constraints and opportunities for market-based finance for the restoration and protection of blue carbon ecosystems
Marine Policy 2019-02-10

The disjuncture between regional ocean priorities and development assistance in the South Pacific
Marine Policy 2019-02-10

Identification of key factors of ship detention under Port State Control
Marine Policy 2019-02-10

Human trafficking as a fisheries crime? An application of the concept to the New Zealand context
Marine Policy 2019-02-10

Fuel demand and emissions for maritime sector in Fiji: Current status and low-carbon strategies
Marine Policy 2019-02-02

In oceans we trust: Conservation, philanthropy, and the political economy of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area
Marine Policy 2019-02-01

The development of the fisheries crime concept and processes to address it in the international arena
Marine Policy 2019-02-01

Comparing self-reported incidental catch among fishermen targeting Pacific halibut and a fishery independent survey
Marine Policy 2019-01-19

The current state of marine renewable energy policy in China
Marine Policy 2019-01-19

Agreeing with FAO: Comments on SOFIA 2018
Marine Policy 2019-01-19

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