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Latest papers

Specialised recreational fishers reject sanctuary zones and favour fisheries management
Marine Policy 2019-06-26

Protecting the lost city hydrothermal vent system: All is not lost, or is it?
Marine Policy 2019-06-25

Physical oceanography sets the scene for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive implementation in the Baltic Sea
Marine Policy 2019-06-22

Regional ocean governance: Polycentric arrangements and their role in global ocean governance
Marine Policy 2019-06-22

Regional ocean governance: Integrating and coordinating mechanisms for polycentric systems
Marine Policy 2019-06-22

The effect of hook type and trailing gear on hook shedding and fate of pelagic stingray (Pteroplatytrygon violacea): New insights to develop effective mitigation approaches
Marine Policy 2019-06-22

Ropeless fishing to prevent large whale entanglements: Ropeless Consortium report
Marine Policy 2019-06-22

The disappearance of the State Oceanic Administration in China?—Current developments
Marine Policy 2019-06-19

There is nothing convenient about plastic pollution. Rejoinder to Stafford and Jones “Viewpoint – Ocean plastic pollution: A convenient but distracting truth?”
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

Trade and trade-offs: Shipping in changing climates
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

Fishing for more tourists - An empirical investigation of tourist anglers’ preferences for angling site quality
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

Are fishermen happier? Evidence from a large-scale subjective well-being survey in a lower-middle-income country
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

We should not separate out environmental issues, but the current approach to plastic pollution can be a distraction from meaningful action. A response to Avery-Gomm et al.
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

Potential encounters between humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and vessels in the New York Bight apex, USA
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

Strategic sources of superprofit in a well-regulated fishery
Marine Policy 2019-06-18

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