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Latest papers

Protecting private properties from the sea: Australian policies and practice
Marine Policy 2019-06-14

Sustainable aquaculture in Canada: Lost in translation
Marine Policy 2019-06-13

Legal and practical challenges around restitution, secrecy and asset recovery in transnational fisheries crime: A case study of United States v Bengis, 2013
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

State jurisdiction to investigate and try fisheries crime at sea
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Corrigendum to “Declining Arctic Ocean oil and gas developments: Opportunities to improve governance and environmental pollution control” [Mar. Pol. 75 (2017) 53–61]
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Fisheries Improvement Projects and small-scale fisheries: The need for a modified approach
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Introduction and overview: Transnational organised fisheries crime
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Challenges and possible solutions concerning the inspection/investigation dichotomy in the context of transnational organised fisheries crime: A South African perspective
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Fisheries crime, human rights and small-scale fisheries in South Africa: A case of bigger fish to fry
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Global patterns in mangrove recreation and tourism
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

A characterization of Australian shortfin mako shark anglers
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Estimating the impact of size dependent pricing on fisher revenues under the EU landing obligation
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Trouble in paradise: Competing discourses and complex governance in the Romanian danube delta
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

An index of fisheries closures due to harmful algal blooms and a framework for identifying vulnerable fishing communities on the U.S. West Coast
Marine Policy 2019-06-12

Refusal of planning consent for the Docking Shoal offshore wind farm: Stakeholder perspectives and lessons learned
Marine Policy 2019-06-11

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