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Resistance and Revolution in the Age of Authoritarian Revanchism: The Power of Revolutionary Imaginaries in the Austerity-Security State Era
Millennium 2019-04-19

Communicative Capitalism and Revolutionary Form
Millennium 2019-04-19

The Ironic Western Self: Radical and Conservative Irony in the ‘Losing Turkey’ Narrative
Millennium 2018-12-12

Feminist Experiences of ‘Studying Up’: Encounters with International Institutions
Millennium 2018-12-05

Symposium Introduction: Debating Trauma and Emotion in World Politics: Introducción del simposio: Debatir el trauma y la emoción en la política mundial: Introduction au symposium : Débattre des traumatismes et des émotions dans la politique mondiale
Millennium 2018-11-21

Traumas without Bodies: A Reply to Emma Hutchison’s Affective Communities: Traumas sin cuerpos: Una réplica a las Comunidades Afectivas de Emma Hutchison: Traumatismes sans corps : Réponse à l’ouvrage Affective Communities d’Emma Hutchison
Millennium 2018-11-21

Representation and Mediation in World Politics: Representación y mediación en la política mundial: Représentation et médiation dans la politique mondiale
Millennium 2018-11-21

Emotions, Bodies, and the Un/Making of International Relations: Emociones, cuerpos y la de/construcción de las relaciones internacionales: Émotions, corps et la fabrication/destruction des relations internationales
Millennium 2018-11-21

A Conversation with Emma Hutchison and Frantz Fanon on Questions of Reading and Global Raciality: Una conversación con Emma Hutchison y Frantz Fanon sobre cuestiones de lectura y racialidad global: Une conversation avec Emma Hutchison et Frantz Fanon sur
Millennium 2018-11-21

Narrating Trauma: Individuals, Communities, Storytelling: Relatar el trauma: Individuos, comunidades, narrativa: Raconter le traumatisme : Individus, communautés, narration
Millennium 2018-11-21

One Time, Many Times
Millennium 2018-11-01

Ethics and War: A Critical Intervention
Millennium 2018-11-01

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