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Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

What is Zeitgeist? Examining period-specific cultural patterns
Poetics 2019-02-16

Adrenaline junkies and white-knucklers: A quantitative study of fear management in haunted house visitors
Poetics 2019-01-29

How episodic frames gave way to thematic frames over time: A topic modeling study of the Indian media’s reporting of rape post the 2012 Delhi gang-rape
Poetics 2019-01-25

Demonstrating deservingness and dignity. Symbolic boundary work among Syrian refugees
Poetics 2019-01-09

Introduction to special issue on Global art markets
Poetics 2018-12-12

The business of urban coolness: Emerging markets for street art
Poetics 2018-12-12

Market memories: Collective memory and art market change in Mumbai
Poetics 2018-12-12

Rethinking the center-periphery model: Dimensions and temporalities of macro-structure in a global field of cultural production
Poetics 2018-12-12

The rise of Africa in the contemporary auction market: Myth or reality?
Poetics 2018-12-12

The market metaphors: Making sense of the emerging market for contemporary art in China
Poetics 2018-12-12

Do low-brow tastes demonstrate stronger categorical differentiation? A study of fiction readership in Russia
Poetics 2018-12-11

Reviewing art from the periphery. A comparative analysis of reviews of Brazilian art exhibitions in the press
Poetics 2018-11-28

Rationalized authenticity and the transnational spread of intangible cultural heritage
Poetics 2018-11-23

Between the market and noncommercial art institutions: Early career strategies of contemporary artists in emerging art scenes
Poetics 2018-11-22

Cultural capital and social revolution: Arts consumption in a major Russian city, 1991–2017
Poetics 2018-11-15

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