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Publisher: Elsevier
Founded in: 1971
URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/poetics
• 41/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

The effects of parents’ lifestyle on their children’s status attainment and lifestyle in the Netherlands
Poetics 2019-04-17

How class identities shape highbrow consumption: A cross-national analysis of 30 European countries and regions
Poetics 2019-04-17

Back to the original omnivore: On the artefactual nature of Peterson’s thesis of omnivorousness
Poetics 2019-04-16

Creative visions: Presenting aesthetic trajectories in artistic careers
Poetics 2019-04-07

Meat as benign, meat as risk: Mapping news discourse of an ambiguous issue
Poetics 2019-04-01

Cultural gatekeeping in cosmetic surgery: Transnational beauty ideals in multicultural Malaysia
Poetics 2019-03-29

Human rights as uncertain performance during the Arab Spring
Poetics 2019-03-25

Bonding or bridging? On art participation and social cohesion in a rural region of the Netherlands
Poetics 2019-03-19

Binding significance to form: Cultural objects, neural binding, and cultural change
Poetics 2019-03-14

Art-based initiatives and corporate governance of financial institutions: European evidence following the revised OECD corporate governance framework
Poetics 2019-02-22

Organizational identities of U.S. art museums and audience reactions
Poetics 2019-02-22

Downplaying class with style
Poetics 2019-02-22

Praying “Straight from the Heart”: Evangelical sincerity and the normative frames of culture in action
Poetics 2019-02-22

Boundary Work and Early Careers in Design and Media
Poetics 2019-02-22

The allure of variety: Eating out in three English cities, 2015
Poetics 2019-02-22

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