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Latest papers

Victims or non-humans: Exploring the semantic preference of refugees in Spanish news articles
Language & Communication 2019-06-24

Voices from the outside: The instrumentality of radio messages in Colombian kidnappings
Language & Communication 2019-06-23

What are group speech acts?
Language & Communication 2019-06-22

Chronotopic relations: Chronotopes, scale, and scale-making
Language & Communication 2019-05-10

Introduction: Chronotopes and chronotopic relations
Language & Communication 2019-05-02

Latinx perceptions of Spanish in Miami: Dialect variation, personality attributes and language use
Language & Communication 2019-04-30

Towards Financial Semiology
Language & Communication 2019-04-28

Commentary: Chronotopes, synchronization and formats
Language & Communication 2019-04-27

Regimenting ideologies
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

Regimes of language, whiteness and social class: The negotiation of sociolinguistic privileges by British migrants in rural France
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

Regimes of hearing: Norwegian qualia of quiet and noise as heard through a migrant classroom
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

Introduction: Regimes of language and the social, hierarchized organization of ideologies
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

Regimenting the Gaeltacht: Authenticity, anonymity, and expectation in contemporary Ireland
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

Language regimes and corporeal practices of ‘making known’: Speech action, collective assembly, and the politics of recognition in India
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

Standardization(s) and regimentation: Polynomic orthodoxies and potentials
Language & Communication 2019-04-16

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