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Publisher: Elsevier
Founded in: 1985
URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/space-policy
• 70/91 in International Relations (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

International Space Law for GNSS Civil Liability: A possible solution?
Space Policy 2019-03-25

Changing the Paradigm on Human Enhancements: The Special Case of Modifications to Counter Bone Loss for Manned Mars Missions
Space Policy 2019-03-25

Armed Conflict in Outer Space: Legal Concept, Practice and Future Regulatory Regime
Space Policy 2019-03-11

A Review of the Exploitation of the Operational Mission COSMO-SkyMed: Global Trends (2014-2017)
Space Policy 2019-03-11

A Proposal of Alternative Models to Replace the South Korean Space Object Response Models
Space Policy 2019-02-22

Joining Global Aerospace Value Networks: Lessons for Industrial Development Policies
Space Policy 2019-02-15

Analysing Space Data Sharing Through Normative Power: The Case for a Japan–ASEAN Partnership
Space Policy 2019-02-12

Synergies Between Space and Energy: Space as a Tool to Support European Energy Goals
Space Policy 2019-02-02

The Economic Impacts of the Commercial Space Industry
Space Policy 2019-01-29

Pakistan Space Programme and International Cooperation: History and Prospects
Space Policy 2019-01-05

The fallen envoy: The rise and fall of astronaut in International Space Law
Space Policy 2018-12-28

Applicability of civil and defense dual use to space situational awareness system in Japan
Space Policy 2018-12-07

The forgotten first iteration of the ‘Chinese space threat’ to US national security
Space Policy 2018-12-05

Space deterrence: In search of a ‘magical formula’
Space Policy 2018-11-02

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