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Founded in: 1981
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Category: Geography

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Latest papers

Natural surveillance characteristics of building openings and relationship to residential burglary
Applied Geography 2019-01-11

Topographic slope steepness and anthropogenic pressure interact to shape the distribution of tree cover in China
Applied Geography 2019-01-09

Methodology based on fine spatial scale and preliminary clustering to improve multivariate linear regression analysis of domestic water consumption
Applied Geography 2019-01-03

Would you share your home? The multifaceted determinants of preference for shared housing among young adults
Applied Geography 2018-12-29

Incorporating transportation safety into land use planning: Pre-assessment of land use conversion effects on severe crashes in urban China
Applied Geography 2018-12-27

Climate change impacts on rice productivity in the Mekong River Delta
Applied Geography 2018-12-21

Farming under urban pressure: Farmers' land use and land cover change intentions
Applied Geography 2018-12-21

Mapping of climate vulnerability of the coastal region of Bangladesh using principal component analysis
Applied Geography 2018-12-20

Spatial and temporal trends of forest cover as a response to policy interventions in the district Chitral, Pakistan
Applied Geography 2018-12-18

Oil production, biodiversity conservation and indigenous territories: Towards geographical criteria for unburnable carbon areas in the Amazon rainforest
Applied Geography 2018-12-17

Does crime count? Investigating the association between neighbourhood-level crime and recidivism in high-risk parolees
Applied Geography 2018-12-13

Vulnerability to beach erosion based on a coastal processes approach
Applied Geography 2018-12-04

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Applied Geography 2018-12-01

Effects of active and passive exploration of the built environment on memory during wayfinding
Applied Geography 2018-12-01

Tracking shoreline erosion of “at risk” coastal archaeology: the example of ancient Siraf (Iran, Persian Gulf)
Applied Geography 2018-12-01

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