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Latest papers

Recolonization of native and invasive plants after large-scale clearance of a temperate coastal dunefield
Applied Geography 2019-06-14

Why do planes not fly the shortest routes? A review
Applied Geography 2019-06-14

Mapping harmspots: An exploration of the spatial distribution of crime harm
Applied Geography 2019-06-12

Comparing the annualised dynamic shade characteristics of twenty-one tree canopies across twenty-six municipalities in a high ambient UV climate, Queensland - Australia
Applied Geography 2019-06-11

Spatial correlations among ecosystem services and their socio-ecological driving factors: A case study in the city belt along the Yellow River in Ningxia, China
Applied Geography 2019-06-03

Geographically weighted logistic regression approach to explore the spatial variability in travel behaviour and built environment interactions: Accounting simultaneously for demographic and socioeconomic characteristics
Applied Geography 2019-05-30

Household transportation expenditures in developing countries: Evidence on the effect of urban land use change from Pakistan
Applied Geography 2019-05-23

Assessment of rehabilitation projects results of a gold mine area using landscape function analysis
Applied Geography 2019-05-17

Remote sensing-based mapping of the destruction to Aleppo during the Syrian Civil War between 2011 and 2017
Applied Geography 2019-05-17

Are vulnerable communities digitally left behind in social responses to natural disasters? An evidence from Hurricane Sandy with Twitter data
Applied Geography 2019-05-13

Residential segregation in hillside areas of Seoul, South Korea: A novel approach of geomorphons classification
Applied Geography 2019-05-13

A detailed spatiotemporal analysis of traffic crash hotspots
Applied Geography 2019-05-09

Charcoal-related forest degradation dynamics in dry African woodlands: Evidence from Mozambique
Applied Geography 2019-05-04

Agro-ecological terroir units in the North West Iberian Peninsula wine regions
Applied Geography 2019-05-02

Empirical environmental justice research in hydrocarbon extraction areas: Examining current approaches outside the U.S. using a Mexican case study
Applied Geography 2019-05-02

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