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Latest papers

Religious Diversity in the Workplace: The Case for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Political Studies 2019-04-12

Party Identification, the Policy Space and Business Donations to Political Parties
Political Studies 2019-04-12

Compensating for the Climate: Unemployment Insurance and Climate Change Votes
Political Studies 2019-04-04

Selecting Immigrants in an Unjust World
Political Studies 2019-04-04

Incivility as Dissent
Political Studies 2019-04-02

Whatever Happened to Councillors? Problematising the Deficiency Narrative in English Local Politics
Political Studies 2019-03-29

When Do They Speak? Deliberation and Democratic Decision-Making in the European Union
Political Studies 2019-03-28

How Smallness Fosters Clientelism: A Case Study of Malta
Political Studies 2019-03-28

The Effects of Mixed Membership in a Deliberative Forum: The Irish Constitutional Convention of 2012–2014
Political Studies 2019-03-28

The Discursive Construction of Solidarity: Analysing Public Claims in Europe’s Migration Crisis
Political Studies 2019-03-22

The Principle of Restraint: Public Reason and the Reform of Public Administration
Political Studies 2019-03-22

Feminism and Solidarity on the Left: Rethinking the Unhappy Marriage Metaphor
Political Studies 2019-03-19

Brexistential Angst and the Paradoxes of Populism: On the Contingency, Predictability and Intelligibility of Seismic Shifts
Political Studies 2019-03-19

Public Opinion, Turnout and Social Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Congruence in European Liberal Democracies
Political Studies 2019-03-09

Opening the Black Box of Finance: North–South Investment, Political Risk, and US Military Intervention
Political Studies 2019-02-21

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