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Emanating Effects: The Impact of the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review on Voters’ Political Efficacy
Political Studies 2019-06-06

Political Trust, Commitment and Responsiveness
Political Studies 2019-06-06

Party Manifestos, Opposition and Media as Determinants of the Cabinet Agenda
Political Studies 2019-06-04

The Revival of Democratic Intergovernmentalism, First Principles and the Case for a Contest-Based Account of Democracy in the European Union
Political Studies 2019-05-23

Education, Family Background, and Political Knowledge: A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis with Identical Twins
Political Studies 2019-05-21

Transnational Representation in EU National Parliaments: Concept, Case Study, Research Agenda
Political Studies 2019-05-21

Citizen Attitudes on Politicians’ Pay: Trust Issues Are Not Solved by Delegation
Political Studies 2019-05-21

The Potentials and Difficulties of Transnational Populism: The Case of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25)
Political Studies 2019-05-10

The Expert Cure? Exploring the Restorative Potential of Expertise for Public Satisfaction With Parties
Political Studies 2019-05-10

The Quality of Representative Claims: Uncovering a Weakness in the Defense of the Liberal World Order
Political Studies 2019-05-07

Deliberating or Thinking (Twice) About Democratic Preferences: What German Citizens Want From Democracy
Political Studies 2019-04-26

Populist Attitudes, Political Trust, and External Political Efficacy: Old Wine in New Bottles?
Political Studies 2019-04-23

Power Plays and Balancing Acts: The Paradoxical Effects of Chinese Trade on African Foreign Policy Positions
Political Studies 2019-04-23

Party Identification, the Policy Space and Business Donations to Political Parties
Political Studies 2019-04-12

Religious Diversity in the Workplace: The Case for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Political Studies 2019-04-12

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