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Latest papers

Variation in the Role and Impact of Standing Committees: The Case of the French Senate
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-05-23

The Winner Takes It All? A Psychological Study of Political Success among UK Members of Parliament
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-05-14

The Activity of Commercial Lobbies in the Israeli Knesset During 2015–2018: Undermining or Realising the Democratic Foundations?
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-04-29

Frock Coats against Brass Hats? Politicians, the Military and the War in Afghanistan 2001–2014
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-04-21

A Matter of Life or Death: A Survey Experiment on the Perceived Legitimacy of Political Decision-Making on Euthanasia
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-04-12

Short-lived Parliamentarisation in 19th-century Germany: Parliamentary Government in the Frankfurt Assembly of 1848/1849
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-04-10

Curbing Their Antagonism: Topics Associated with a Reduction in Personal Attacks at Prime Minister’s Questions
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-03-31

The Confidence and Supply Agreement between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party: Implications for the Barnett Formula and Intergovernmental Relations in the UK
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-03-31

Municipal Councillors in Parliament, a Handicap for Legislative Activism? Parliamentary Productivity of Dual Mandate-Holders in the Belgian Federal Assembly between 1995 and 2014
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-03-17

Parliamentary Representation: A Cross-national Study of Candidates’ Views
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-03-13

Sweden’s Parliamentary Democracy at 100
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-03-02

Abandon Ship? An Analysis of Strategic Voting among Liberal Democrat Voters in the 2015 UK Election
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-02-28

Who Gets What? The Interactive Effect of MPs’ Sex in Committee Assignments in Portugal
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-02-14

Can’t Answer? Won’t Answer? An Analysis of Equivocal Responses by Theresa May in Prime Minister’s Questions
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-02-07

When do Legislators Respond to their Constituencies in Party Controlled Assemblies? Evidence from Chile
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-31

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