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     Median: 41
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Latest papers

Who Gets What? The Interactive Effect of MPs’ Sex in Committee Assignments in Portugal
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-02-14

Can’t Answer? Won’t Answer? An Analysis of Equivocal Responses by Theresa May in Prime Minister’s Questions
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-02-07

When do Legislators Respond to their Constituencies in Party Controlled Assemblies? Evidence from Chile
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-31

Italy 2018: The Perfect Populist Storm?
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-31

Explaining the Emergence of International Parliamentary Institutions: The Case of the Benelux Interparliamentary Consultative Council
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-30

How Citizens Judge Extreme Legislative Dissent: Experimental Evidence from Canada on Party Switching
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-13

Learning from Divided Parties? Legislator Dissent as a Cue for Opinion Formation
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-09

Petitions Systems: Outcomes, ‘Success’ and ‘Failure’
Parliamentary Affairs 2019-01-04

Governing under Pressure? The Mental Wellbeing of Politicians
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-27

Public Office and Public Trust: Standards of Conduct in Parliament: A Comparative Analysis of Rules of Conduct in Three Parliaments
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-27

Conceived in Harlesden: Candidate-Centred Campaigning in British General Elections
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-22

The Politicisation of Abortion, Voters’ Stereotypes and the Electoral Success of Women Candidates
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-16

To Scrutnise and Protect: Question Time as a Window into Institutional and Electoral Incentives at Holyrood and Westminster
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-13

Competing Principals and Non-Vote Decisions in the European Parliament
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-13

Falling on Deaf Ears? Exploring the Effects of Newspaper Coverage of the European Parliament on Public Support for it
Parliamentary Affairs 2018-12-06

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