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Publisher: Elsevier
Founded in: 1970
URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geoforum
• 19/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Geography

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Latest papers

From sustainable to smart: Re-branding or re-assembling urban energy infrastructure?
Geoforum 2019-02-16

More at home, more alone? Youth, digital media and the everyday use of time and space
Geoforum 2019-02-15

State, community and the negotiated construction of energy markets: Community energy policy in England
Geoforum 2019-02-14

Setting a global agenda of education: Cooperation and tension within the global education policy field
Geoforum 2019-02-14

The role of flexibility in enabling transformational social change: Perspectives from an Indigenous community using Q-methodology
Geoforum 2019-02-14

Cryptocarbon: The promises and pitfalls of forest protection on a blockchain
Geoforum 2019-02-14

Framing sustainability and climate change: Interrogating discourses in vernacular and English-language media in Sundarbans, India
Geoforum 2019-02-08

[Re]Valuing Surplus: Transitions, technologies and tensions in redistributing prepared food in San Francisco
Geoforum 2019-02-08

Spaces for creativity? Skills and deskilling in cultural and high-tech industries
Geoforum 2019-02-08

Cooking and eating together in London: Food sharing initiatives as collective spaces of encounter
Geoforum 2019-02-08

Unevenness in scale mismatches: Institutional change, pastoralist livelihoods, and herding ecology in Laikipia, Kenya
Geoforum 2019-02-08

Citizenship-in-nature? Exploring hazardous urbanization in Nova Friburgo, Brazil
Geoforum 2019-02-08

“A mild despotism of sugar”: Race, labor, and flood management in British Guiana
Geoforum 2019-02-08

Artisans as knowledge workers: Craft and creativity in a long term perspective
Geoforum 2019-02-08

Creative clusters and the evolution of knowledge and skills: From industrial to creative glassmaking
Geoforum 2019-02-08

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