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Latest papers

Uneven incorporation: Volumetric transitions in peri-urban China's conservation zones
Geoforum 2019-06-15

Underwater: Resilience, racialized housing, and the national flood insurance program in Canarsie, Brooklyn
Geoforum 2019-06-15

Sustainable heritage development in the South African Cederberg
Geoforum 2019-06-15

Intersections between rural livelihood security and animal pollination in Anolaima, Colombia
Geoforum 2019-06-13

Territorializing effects of global standards: What is at stake in the case of ‘sustainable’ palm oil?
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Geographies of uncertainty and negotiated responsibilities of occupational health
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Envisioning African futures: Perspectives from economic geography
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Which road to decolonizing the curricula? Interrogating African higher education futures
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Economic-geographic theory from the South: African experience and future in the global economy
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Gender, class, race, ethnicity and power in an elite girls’ state school
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Geographic contingency, affective facts, and the politics of global nutrition policy
Geoforum 2019-06-11

The three components of sustainability intelligence
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Revisiting and revitalizing political ecology in the American West
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Caring for the future: Climate change and intergenerational responsibility in China and the UK
Geoforum 2019-06-11

Conflicting motivations and knowledge spill-overs: Dynamics of the market across space
Geoforum 2019-06-11

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