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Active journals in the past 7 days:

Envisioning a feminist urban ethnography: Structure, culture, and new directions in poverty studies

Nelson, N.C.Model Behaviour: Animal Experiments, Complexity and the Genetics of Psychiatric Disorders. London: The University of Chicago Press Ltd.2018. [ISBN‐13: 978‐o‐226‐54608‐7]

Some days are better than others: Examining time-specific variation in the structuring of interorganizational relations
Social Networks 2018-12-12

Cogitor Ergo Sum: The Origin of Self-awareness in Dyadic Interaction
Human Studies 2018-12-11

Defining desire: (Re)storying a “fraudulent” marriage in 1901 Spain
Sexualities 2018-12-11

The national versus the foreigner in South America: 200 years of migration and citizenship law

De-indigenized but not defeated: race and resistance in Colombia's Peace Community and Campesino University

F-FOD: Fuzzy First Order Dominance Analysis and Populations Ranking Over Ordinal Multi-Indicator Systems

Delegitimizing the enemy: framing, tactical innovation, and blunders in the battle for the Arctic

FROM SINGLE TO SERIOUS: RELATIONSHIPS, GENDER, AND SEXUALITY ON AMERICAN EVANGELICAL CAMPUSES. By Dana M. Malone. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2018. vii + 240 pp. $99.95 cloth, $28.95 paper.