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Paola Reichenbach

Latest affiliation(s):

  • Peru Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (IRPI), National Research Council (CNR), Perugia, Italy
  • Peru National Research Council, Institute of Research for the Geo-hydrological Protection, Perugia, Italy



Scholar Affiliation Co-Authorships
Massimiliano Alvioli Peru 1
Anna Barra Spain 1
Rosa María Mateos Spain 1
Roberto Sarro Spain 1
José Antonio Fernández-Merodo Spain 1
Lorenzo Solari Spain 1
Héctor Aguilera Spain 1
Gerardo Herrera Spain 1
Luis Enrique Hernández-Gutiérrez N/A 1
Oriol Monserrat Spain 1
Adrián Riquelme Spain 1
Juan López-Vinielles Spain 1
Mauro Cardinali Peru 1
V. Zumpano Italy 1
Francesca Santaloia Italy 1
F. Fiorucci Peru 1
Janusz Wasowski Italy 1
M. Parise Italy 1
Francesco Bucci Peru 1
L. Pisano Italy 1
Piernicola Lollino Italy 1
Michele Santangelo Peru 1
F. Ardizzone Peru 1