NOTE: The following lists publications in a sample of SSCI-indexed journals since 1 January 2020 until the beginning of this month. Only scholars (and their co-authors) who have deposited their ORCID alongside their publications, and only those publications that have the respective ORCIDs saved in the metadata, are counted. All metadata are taken from CrossRef. The country name was automatically extracted from the affiliation metadata as stored in CrossRef. The data are necessarily incomplete in many ways. For fuller records, please contact the authors themselves or use curated and/or comprehensive databases (such as LENS).

René Weber

Latest affiliation(s):

  • USA Department of Communication, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48828, USA
  • USA Department of Communication, Media Neuroscience Lab, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  • USA Department of Communication, Media Neuroscience Lab, The University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106, USA



Scholar Affiliation Co-Authorships
Clare Grall USA 1
Jacob T Fisher USA 1
Chelsea Lonergan USA 1
Sabine Trepte Germany 1
Benjamin K. Johnson USA 1
Anna Sophie Kümpel Germany 1
Renwen Zhang Singapore 1
Philipp K Masur Netherlands 1
Nicholas David Bowman USA 1
Douglas A Parry N/A 1
Bree McEwan USA 1
Tim Smits Belgium 1
German Neubaum Germany 1
Frank M. Schneider Germany 1
Julian Unkel Germany 1
Sonja Utz Germany 1
Ivar Vermeulen Netherlands 1
Johannes Breuer Germany 1
Richard Huskey USA 1
Tobias Dienlin Austria 1
Nuri Kim Singapore 1
Niklas Johannes Netherlands 1
Jaime Banks USA 1
Brittany I Davidson U.K. 1
Stephan Winter Germany 1
David A Ellis U.K. 1
Eike Mark Rinke U.K. 1